Dear Teen Me from author Julie Cross (WHATEVER LIFE THROWS AT YOU, TEMPEST)

Dear Teen Me, I know this is my third letter to you so it’s like, what now? You’re seventeen and it’s getting a bit tiresome being beat over the head with advice regarding academics and religion by your older self. But today I come in the name of peace. Not just peace, but love. Because […] […]


Dear Me, That just about sums up your teenage years. Oh dear me. Not a happy time. After a glorious early childhood your world shattered when your parents went their separate ways. You spent the following years moving home, moving school, living with first one, then the other, then back to the first, always missing […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author Sarah McCarry (ALL OUR PRETTY SONGS)

Listen, sweet pea: I’m not going to tell you anything about the future or the past, or the good ideas you’ll have or the bad ones. I’m not going to tell you how the years between us will spell out one after the other, through places bright and dark, through all the wide mystery of […] […]


Dear Teen Me, You know that boy that you are certain is going to break up with you because you don’t want to go all the way, and you know you’ll just die when he does? Well, you’re wrong. Not that he won’t break up with you. He will. But you won’t die. You’re making […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author Suzanne Palmieri (THE WITCH OF LITTLE ITALY)

Dear 17 year old Suzanne, This is a hard letter to write. Hard because I know how much pain you’re in. And I know there’s more to come. Much more. I’m so sorry about that. You know that saying? The one that says, “You have to experience ALL the things in order to be who […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author Rainbow Rowell (ATTACHMENTS, ELEANOR & PARK)

Dear teen me, You read too much science fiction. Maybe if you read some Sweet Valley High once in a while, I wouldn’t be sitting here, thinking about time travel and worrying that any good advice I give you could sabotage the timestream. Like, I could tell you that seventh grade is the worst year […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author Julie Cross (TEMPEST, VORTEX)

Dear Teen Me,   Last time I wrote to you, I think you were 13 or 14 and we talked about your grades and school and even the logistics of time travel and the possibility that these letters are all a grand scheme thought up by our mother and the school guidance counselor. This letter […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author Erica Lorraine Sheidt (USES FOR BOYS)

Dear sixteen-year-old Erica, I know. I know. I was there. It’s like you don’t fit in and you don’t fit in and you don’t fit in and you’re the weird kid that everyone knew since kindergarten and you never really outgrew being the oversensitive kid who cried too easily—AND THEN you find a whole new […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author Shelle Sumners (GRACE GROWS)

Dear 14-year-old Shelle, Greetings from You, age 49. Wow, the view from here is FANTASTIC. I can see everything so clearly. Listen, I’m going to give you some bad news. I’m going to tell you some wonderful things, too, but first let’s get the unpleasantness out of the way, in a quick list. Some of […] […]

Dear Teen Me from Author Nora Zelevansky (SEMI-CHARMED LIFE)

Dear Teen Me, I am tempted to start this letter with a conversation about eyebrows; why you should let an expert pluck them a little for shape, but why you should not—on a whim in your own bathroom mirror—turn them into pencil thin crescents à la RuPaul. But maybe I have more important wisdom to […] […]