Dear Teen Me from Michael Cristiano (THE BLACK ORACLE)

Dear Teen Michael, 23-year-old Michael has been creeping your Facebook, and it does look like you’re having a pretty good time. You love hanging out with your friends when you should have be in class, playing Capture the Flag and smoking pot in cornfields, and drinking in backyards all night while listening to cheesy house […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author Monica Murphy (TORN, One Week Girlfriend series)

Dear Teen Me, In these photos, you’re eighteen and a senior. The final days of high school are upon you and you’re writing goofy things in the back pages of each other’s yearbooks, such as KIT (keep in touch), and making big promises like friends forever. You think you have everything figured out. You do! […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author Ophelia London (ABBY ROAD; DEFINITELY, MAYBE IN LOVE)

Dear Teen Ophelia, I know, I know, you’re not exactly a kid anymore. You’re nineteen. But hold on, that’s still a teenager, and nineteen isn’t as old as you think it is. Take, for example, right now. You’re in college and you just met a great guy. He’s cute, he thinks you’re funny and he’s […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author Jen McConnel (DAUGHTER OF CHAOS)

Dear Teen Me, You made it. You’re finally a senior! I know this is just one of many milestones you’ll encounter, but I’m proud of you, girl.  There’s so much I want to tell you, so I hope you’re listening better than you usually do. The seeds of who you will become have already been […] […]

Dear Teen Me from Author Nora Zelevansky (SEMI-CHARMED LIFE)

Dear Teen Me, I am tempted to start this letter with a conversation about eyebrows; why you should let an expert pluck them a little for shape, but why you should not—on a whim in your own bathroom mirror—turn them into pencil thin crescents à la RuPaul. But maybe I have more important wisdom to […] […]