Dear Teen Me from author Sharon Lynn Fisher (THE OPHELIA PROPHECY, GHOST PLANET)

Dear Teen Me, There is something I want to tell you that it will be hard for you hear or believe right now. I’m going to tell you anyway because it’s super important. You are beautiful. Just the way you are. Inside and out. You have a kind heart, a bright smile, and SERIOUS determination. [...] [...]


Dear Me, That just about sums up your teenage years. Oh dear me. Not a happy time. After a glorious early childhood your world shattered when your parents went their separate ways. You spent the following years moving home, moving school, living with first one, then the other, then back to the first, always missing [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Bruce DeSilva (PROVIDENCE RAG, ROGUE ISLAND, CLIFF WALK)

Dear Teen Bruce, You’re going about the deadly-serious business of being a teenager all wrong. I mean, take a hard look at yourself. Boys-regular haircut. White dress shirt. Drab Sears Roebuck suit jacket. Skinny tie. And not just for the class picture, either. You’re wearing that same uptight get-up to high school every day. You’re [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Allison Glock-Cooper (CHANGERS BOOK ONE: DREW)

Dear Teen Me, As you have no doubt already surmised, the next few years are going to be a wild swim. There will be epic rides to shore. And there will be demoralizing wipeouts punctuated by lacerating drags across coral reefs. (More of those. Sorry to report.) But those epic rides–those you will feel forever, [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Jenny Trout (SUCH SWEET SORROW)

Dear Jenny, A lot of people write these letters as a poignant reflection on a time long gone by, with keen nostalgia for what might have been the best and/or worst years of their lives. Not so with us, teenage me. You’re watching enough Doctor Who on WGVU on Saturday nights to know that time [...] [...]


Dear Teen Mr. Strand, Guess what? In 2014, being a geek is cool. You missed out on it, but the teenagers of today can play video games, collect comic books, and watch horror movies—all of your secret shames—and it’s totally fine! They can even have girlfriends while they do these things! Is that crazy or what? Stop crying. [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Kathryn Craft (THE ART OF FALLING)

Dear Teen Me, I see you at the neighborhood pool, where you love to hang out with your friends. You stand in line at the diving board, contemplating your shadow as water drips down your legs and the smell of chlorine rises from the hot concrete deck. The water has parted your thin hair to [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Victoria L. Trenton (THE OUTMATE)

Dear Teen Me, I see that look in your eyes. You are a smiling girl lost on the edges of normality, looking oh so ordinary and in so much pain.  You don’t know which way to turn. You’ve always been the new girl, shuffled from town to town.  Always trying to fit in, and always [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Ian McDonald (PLANESRUNNER, BE MY ENEMY, EMPRESS OF THE SUN)

Dear Teen Me…. 25 tweets back in time. You won’t be able to read these for at least twenty five years, but you’re a science fiction reader so you’ll get the concept. Tweets=street haiku. They make it easy to fake being profound. @ian76mcdonald.  The music? That’s the best it ever gets. Punk rules! @ian76mcdonald. Everyone’s [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Max Gladstone (THREE PARTS DEAD, TWO SERPENTS RISE)

Dear Seventeen-Year-Old Max, I don’t have much time.  I’ve wrested control of the Cross-Time Terminal away from Fifty-Year-Old Max of Earth-227, who has a number of curious notions about Elder Gods, as well as a sinister goatee-eyepatch physiognomic situation that we’ll have to remember if we ever find ourselves in dire need of eyepatches.  Best [...] [...]