Dear Teen Me from Karen Sandler (CLEAN BURN, TANKBORN, REBELLION)

Dear Teen Me, There’s no denying you’re kind of nerdy and geeky, and I know neither of those qualities are considered positives, at least not in the time and place you are now. And you are a little hygiene-challenged (yeah, showering and only washing your hair once a week isn’t a good way to keep [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author MINDY LEWIS (LIFE INSIDE, DIRT)

Dear Teen Me, Child of the Sixties, I see you, daydreaming with the seagulls on a pier by the East River in your army shirt and bellbottoms, eyes hidden behind your bangs. You iron your long wavy hair and wear Erase on your lips, but you can’t erase yourself. Dazed and confused, you’re at war [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Katie Young (THE OTHER LAMB)

Dear Katie, aged 15, I was going to say it’s been really hard to write this letter without sounding like a pale imitation of Baz Lurmann’s Sunscreen Song, only that won’t be released for another three years, so you won’t get the reference. First thing’s first. If I know you, which I do, you’re probably [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Delilah S. Dawson (SERVANTS OF THE STORM, the BLUD series)

Dear Missy, age 17, First of all, I know you hate how people call you Missy after that stray dog, and I promise that’s going to change in a few years. But first you have to live through high school, and that’s a lot harder than it seems. I know your secret. On the outside, [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author G. Miki Hayden (PACIFIC EMPIRE, STRINGS)

Dear Teen Me: You think you’re overweight? Are you CRAZY? OMG, you’ll look at your picture some day years from now—when you’re Adult Me—and simply marvel at how thin you were—and cute. Yes, that’s why boys chase you, and you don’t even realize it. You think they’re simply being bizarre. Nooo, darling, no… Stop throwing [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Lia Riley (SIDESWIPED, UPSIDE DOWN)

Dear 13 year old Lia, Wow. Okay, homeskillet, settle in because this ain’t gonna be easy. Maybe nab another slice of birthday cake (angel food, I know). This is thirty-four-year old Lia, your Ghost of Christmas future. I come in peace, but my message isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. First up, my sympathies about those [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Stephanie Wahlstrom (THE ACCIDENTAL SOCIALITE)

Dear 15 year old Stephanie, You’ve spent your whole life thinking that when you turned 16 everything would change. You are right, it does, but not the way you imagined. It’s never been easy being a teenager, for you or anybody. But, when I went back and found your diary last Christmas even I can’t [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Mark Murphy (THE SHADOW MAN, THE CURSE OF THE THRAX)

Dear Teen Me: First of all, one simple bit of advice: look around. Slow it all down. Savor each moment. That stuff that seems like it will last forever? It won’t, not any of it. While the bad things will look increasingly small in the rear view mirror, the good things will, too—and then one [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Neal Wooten (RETERNITY, THE BALANCE)

Dear Thirteen-Year-Old Neal, You inch forward as you approach your target. The Alabama sun beats down relentlessly, reminding you once again how much you would rather be swimming, riding your dirt bike, or doing just about anything besides what you are doing right now. She is in pain. Her labored breathing makes her torso expand [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Katia D. Ulysse (DRIFTING, HAITI NOIR)

Dear Teen Me, You hate surprises, I know; but this one cannot wait. Sit or lean on something sturdy for support. Are you ready? Good. Read these lines carefully: You will not die at the age of twenty-three. You will make it. The year is 2014, and you are still alive. I am living proof [...] [...]