Dear Teen Me from author Mark Murphy (THE SHADOW MAN, THE CURSE OF THE THRAX)

Dear Teen Me: First of all, one simple bit of advice: look around. Slow it all down. Savor each moment. That stuff that seems like it will last forever? It won’t, not any of it. While the bad things will look increasingly small in the rear view mirror, the good things will, too—and then one [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Neal Wooten (RETERNITY, THE BALANCE)

Dear Thirteen-Year-Old Neal, You inch forward as you approach your target. The Alabama sun beats down relentlessly, reminding you once again how much you would rather be swimming, riding your dirt bike, or doing just about anything besides what you are doing right now. She is in pain. Her labored breathing makes her torso expand [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Katia D. Ulysse (DRIFTING, HAITI NOIR)

Dear Teen Me, You hate surprises, I know; but this one cannot wait. Sit or lean on something sturdy for support. Are you ready? Good. Read these lines carefully: You will not die at the age of twenty-three. You will make it. The year is 2014, and you are still alive. I am living proof [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author A.J. Matthews (GOODBYE TO YOU)

Dear Teen A.J., [I originally hand-wrote this letter in a journal you started scribbling in at the end of 1986. Maybe if you look in the back of that journal, you’ll see my letter has traveled back in time to you. Probably not, but I hope so.] It’s 2014, and you survived. Survived high school, [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Margaret Pearl (LUSTY LITTLE WOMEN)

Dear Teen Me (with the “m” as a giant heart): You’re tall. I mean you’re really tall. You’re so tall that the doctors don’t have a height / weight chart that goes tall enough for you. To say you’re “above average” is an understatement when you cash in at 12 inches over the latest national [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Rachel Toor

Dear Teen Me: When the crystal says you will get into Yale you don’t believe it, don’t believe her, think she’s only trying to make you feel better because she can see—anyone can see—your frantic need not to be rejected. Your mother’s flower-child brother has come to visit and has brought his girlfriend, Abby. Her [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from Author Selena Laurence (The LUSH Series)

Dear Teen Me: You are sixteen-years-old and you’ve just sat down in your first Spanish class at a brand new school. For any teenager this would be nerve-wracking, but for you, it is paralyzing. You spend most of your days worrying—about what you’re wearing, what you’re saying, what you’re doing, about why you’re not good [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Patty Dann (STARFISH, MERMAIDS)

Dear 17 year-old me, Being 16 was tough, but it’s the year your life changed. You lived in a comfortable suburb with your parents and brother and sister, but you were mad at the world. You didn’t get along with your family and you didn’t get along with your teachers. As a last resort, your [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Joanne Wadsworth (ENCHANTER)

Dear Teen Me, Your parents have asked you to sit on the couch with your older brother and younger sister, and they look real nervous. While Dad paces the living room, Mum perches opposite you in Dad’s favorite yellow armchair. He speaks, saying how he’s always wanted to fly a chopper overseas, although his words [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Katie Hamstead (the KIYA series)

Dear Teen Me, You are not alone. Thing are tough for you right now, but the decision you made to stay true to yourself and your faith will pay off in the end. Yes, you have gone from Miss Popularity to the biggest joke in school. But school comes to an end. After you graduate, [...] [...]