Dear Teen Me from author Laura Madeline Wiseman (THE HUNGER OF THE CHEEKY SISTERS: TEN TALES)

Dear Teen Me, The school year you’ll turn thirteen, Arnold Schwarzenegger will come to your school to stand at the podium to talk athletics and sports, about doing squats and building your pecs. He will wear a blue tee shirt with a fitness logo from the government. The hippy art teacher, who wears pedal pushers […] […]


Dear Teen Me, You are seventeen and your life is about to change forever as you reach a major crossroads tonight. It’s a hot, humid night in June in the mountains of north Alabama, the old Cherokee town where you grew up. Owls hoot, fireflies flicker, dogs bark, and you can smell your own sweet […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author Jennifer Niven (ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES)

Dear 18-year-old me, It’s seven days after high school graduation and that thing you’ve been dreading for the past three months but never actually believed was going to happen is happening—your parents are splitting up and you and your mom are moving away. You’ll go to New Jersey in the fall for college, but for […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author Frank Nappi (The Legend of Mickey Tussler Series)

Dear Teen Me, So from what I can remember, you’re a pretty good kid Frankie. Really. You’ve navigated the treacherous pubescent path of uncertainty and awkwardness pretty well thus far, but there are still some things I’d like to share that might make life a little easier for you. First, let me just cover some […] […]


Dear Teen Amy, Hey, what’s up? You’re probably wondering how you’re reading this letter, given the current understanding of the laws of time. I can’t explain too much, paradoxes and all, but suffice to say Doctor Who turned out to be more of a documentary than originally thought. So why am I violating the immutable […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author Randall Platt (INCOMMUNICADO)

Dear Us, at Thirteen: It’s Christmas Eve and instead of thinking about receiving gifts maybe we ought to think about the gifts we never gave. Like compassion. Oh, don’t give me that look. I know we are probably too compassionate … now. But not back then. So this is a good time for us to […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author Thomm Quackenbush (Night’s Dream series)

You should be getting this shortly after that night in Jen’s family room. You think it is a hell of a good story: Baby Godzilla jumping on the television, Jen stopping in the middle to answer a call from her grandmother to avoid suspicion that she might be doing exactly what she was doing. She […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author/poet E. Kristin Anderson (A GUIDE FOR THE PRACTICAL ABDUCTEE, A JAB OF DEEP URGENCY)

Dear Teen Me, Hi. Me again. For some reason I’ve decided to continue sending you these letters every year on our birthday. It seemed like a good idea at the time. But right now, this whole ADULTHOOD thing is killing me. I mean, RESPONSIBILITIES. Who knew they’d be so…icky? Still, you’re getting this a day […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author Jeffrey Ricker (THE UNWANTED, DETOURS)

Dear Teen Me: Run. Wait a minute, hang on. That wasn’t a threat; you’re not being chased by zombies. If you’re around thirteen, it’s been three years since you realized (well, since you were told, really) that you were out of shape and you went through your first awful run with your dad. Remember that? […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author Matt Forbeck (MONSTER ACADEMY, DANGEROUS GAMES)

Dude: By the time you get around to writing this letter to yourself, you’re going to have a teenager of your own and several more peering over that cusp, all in partnership with your beautiful best friend in the world, a.k.a. your wife. You’ve had dozens of novels published, and you’ve won bunches of awards […] […]