Dear Teen Me from author Krystal Wade (CHARMING, WILDE’S FIRE)

Dear Krystal, I know you’re in pain. I know the world around you seems cruel and heartless. In many ways, it is, but you have to be stronger than the world, you have to be bigger than the world. Many horrific things happened to you, and you have reacted horribly. You’ve pushed away your friends and family. [...] [...]


Dear Betsy, Please don’t run away or tune me out. I’m going to tell you some things that you will not believe, and because I’m you, you must know I’ll tell the truth—which, after all, is your central issue. You are overweight. (That, you know. I’m just proving that I’m reliable and will not try [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Lois Leveen (JULIET’S NURSE)

Dear Teen Lois, Mazel tov! It’s your bat mitzvah! Today you are an adult in the Jewish community! Which seems ridiculous, because you are 13 and 3/4 years old. Even most of your teen years are ahead of you. But once upon an ancient time, this probably would have been the age at which you [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Mary Weber (STORM SIREN)

Dear Awkward Teen Me, Today you were wearing your ratty old sweatshirt and happily making chocolate chip cookies in your mom’s brown and white kitchen when you heard the news. ALL your friends were forming a BAND. A cool one—like the garage versions you’ve always dreamed of being a part of. Like Kurt Cobain and [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Lauren Beukes (THE SHINING GIRLS, BROKEN MONSTERS, MOXYLAND)

Dear La, First off, great boots. You’ll pick up an even better pair in London when you’re backpacking with your brother. It’s something all siblings should do, especially if you’ve grown apart as teenagers. Travel as much as you can. Horizons were made for expanding and you’ll come into yourself out there. Throw yourself in [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author J.P. Sloan (THE CURSE MERCHANT, BAIT AND WITCH)

Dear Teen Me: I have a one-word request of you. “Stop.” Actually, I lied. It’s two words: “Please stop.” Please stop being such a great thundering prig. You’ve survived up to this point by dispensing judgment like some hellish gumball machine of scorn. It hasn’t won you many friends, has it? I don’t entirely blame [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Johnny Worthen (ELEANOR, THE UNSEEN)

Dear Teen Johnny You will spend your high school senior year in Europe. Confident and adventurous, buoyed by your successes both socially and academically, you become an exchange student and spend a year abroad in Scandinavia, Denmark to be precise. You will be far from home and your friends. You will be alone. You will [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author Andrew J Peters (THE SEVENTH PLEIADE)

Dear Teen Me It’s a weekday night in the middle of a Buffalo winter. It’s nine, maybe ten o’clock and well below freezing outside. You’ve rounded up Daisy, the ornery black and white English Springer Spaniel that has been the family pet since you picked her out of a litter for your twelfth birthday. You [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from Karen Sandler (CLEAN BURN, TANKBORN, REBELLION)

Dear Teen Me, There’s no denying you’re kind of nerdy and geeky, and I know neither of those qualities are considered positives, at least not in the time and place you are now. And you are a little hygiene-challenged (yeah, showering and only washing your hair once a week isn’t a good way to keep [...] [...]

Dear Teen Me from author MINDY LEWIS (LIFE INSIDE, DIRT)

Dear Teen Me, Child of the Sixties, I see you, daydreaming with the seagulls on a pier by the East River in your army shirt and bellbottoms, eyes hidden behind your bangs. You iron your long wavy hair and wear Erase on your lips, but you can’t erase yourself. Dazed and confused, you’re at war [...] [...]