Dear Teen Me from author Jen Estes (FIFTEEN, The Cat Mc Daniel Mystery Series)

Dear Jenny, Guess what? The world doesn’t revolve around you. Did that just blow your mind? Nah, ‘cause you’re not listening anyway. I’m guessing you just rolled your eyes and went back to the “cool table”, to the spot you earned with gratuitous cleavage and a fake ID. But you know what you should do […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author & poet Lynn Melnick (PLEASE EXCUSE THIS POEM, IF I SHOULD SAY I HAVE HOPE)

Dear Fifteen-Year-Old Lynn, You are being lied to. You’re in a paper gown with your feet in stirrups and an IV being secured into your vein and you are being lied to. “You are so young,” says the doctor, “my guess is you will have too much scarring to ever carry a child to term.” […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author Kevin Craig (BURN BABY BURN BABY, SUMMER ON FIRE)

Dear Teen Me: Man, did you blow it! You couldn’t even kill yourself properly. Sorry to burst your bubble, but for all the energy you wasted on suicidal ideation…you never did get around to doing it right. I’m here to tell you that you’re still here. You made it this far. With no real life […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author Darin Kennedy (THE MUSSORGSKY RIDDLE)

To be delivered to Darin Kennedy of Midway, North Carolina, upon the occasion of his sixteenth birthday on the thirtieth of June, 1987. *Insert wibbly wobbly, timey wimey shenanigans here* Dear Darin, This is Darin. Yes, that Darin. You! I’m writing to you from 13 March 2015. In case you were wondering, it’s totally Friday […] […]

Dear Teen Me from Alexandra Grigorescu (CAUCHEMAR)

Dear Teen Me, I’m writing to you from the future. Woooooh, scaaaary. And you, I’m sure, are giving me that lidded, skeptical look that says, “Whatever, you don’t know me.” Except I do. You moved across an ocean before the age of 10, leaving parts of your family and the whole of your language behind, […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author Russ Gregory (Honey Agency series)

Dear Teen Me, I know you. Honest. I know you better than you know yourself. I know you so well right now I can I see you sitting there, shaking your head, smiling in disbelief. You don’t trust me. You don’t trust anyone. You’re stubborn and determined to find your own way, but please hear […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author Jody Hedlund (AN UNCERTAIN CHOICE)

Dear Teen Jody, You hate your parents, don’t you? And you think they’re the worst people in the world. You don’t think they understand you or what it’s like to be in high school. There you are at sixteen standing in front of your closet in that lovely pastel flower-print shirt and the purple jeans […] […]


Dear Teen Me: It’s 10 p.m. some time in 1994, which means you’re probably at Perkins with the gang. Brian is complaining to the already annoyed waitress about the preparation of the steak in his steak and eggs. Brett and Lauren might still be tender about something that happened last night when you were playing […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author Wendy Fox (THE SEVEN STAGES OF ANGER)

Dear Teen Me, You are 14, and you are in the choir. You love the choir, even though sometimes you are frustrated with the kids who are only taking it for their arts elective, because they don’t practice at home. Still, it is the happiest part of your school day, feeling the sound coming from […] […]

Dear Teen Me from author Lesléa Newman (OCTOBER MOURNING, I CARRY MY MOTHER)

To the teenager formally known as me, Oh, honey. I know you hate her. Or at least you think you do. You hate her because she criticizes your clothes (“If you’re such a peacenik, why do you wear army pants?”) and your hair (“Get those shaggy bangs out of your eyes.”) You hate her because […] […]